About Us

Make no mistake, the most important asset a company has will be its personnel.
At Fire Mitigation Services, our experience and training in the testing and maintenance of Dry Riser systems will show through in the quality of service that we deliver.

Professional and Expert Fire Maitenence

Our policies and procedures have been developed by our own staff and the standards that we work to will be evident in the quality of our work.
Here at Fire Mitigation Services Ltd, we value our staff and make sure that they are trained to the highest standard.
We wont cut corners and we know our limitations.
We will always strive to provide you with a top quality service and adhere to all health and safety guidelines.
Contact us now and put us to the test.

Health& Safety Compliance

Health and safety compliance and also that all testing and maintenance is carried out in strict accordance with the recommendations contained within the relevant British Standards and current legislation.

Dry Risers

British Standard 9990(2015) Non automatic fire-fighting systems in buildings – Code of Practice.

Fire Extinguishers

British Standard 5306 - Fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises.

Domestic Smoke and Heat Alarms

Fire and smoke alarms: changes to the law - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)


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Our team

Allan Mitchell

Operations Director co-founder of Fire Mitigation Services Ltd.

A Firefighter for over 27 years until his recent retirement, he is educated to Honours degree level in Fire Risk Engineering and also holds a NEBOSH general Certificate in Health and Safety.
Not in the office very much but always at the end of the phone to answer any operational or technical queries.

Karyn Mitchell

Finance Director and co-founder of Fire Mitigation Services Ltd.

Finance Director and co-founder of Fire Mitigation Services Ltd.
Karyn deals with all things financial in the everyday running of the business, from payroll to VAT and anything in between.

Kaitlyn Mitchell

Admin Officer.

Kaitlyn runs all the other administrative tasks for the company.
Customer Service, Fielding emails, work scheduling, reporting and invoicing.
Anything else you need; Kaitlyn will always be on hand to help.