Fire Action Plans.

All businesses should have a Fire Risk Assessment carried out by a competent Fire Risk Assessor.

That Fire Risk Assessment should identify all the fire risks within your business and outline the measures you have taken to either eliminate those risks or reduce them to an acceptable level.

There will also be a section in the Fire Risk Assessment which talks about your Fire Action Plan.

This describes the actions that should be taken by anyone who discovers a fire, alarm systems etc. and the subsequent actions by everyone else after the alarm has been raised.

It would describe evacuation plans in general and also PEEP’s for anyone who might require additional assistance.

A Fire Action Plan can be formulated by a member of staff, but some companies prefer to outsource it to companies with more experience of what is required.

Fire Mitigation Services would be happy to take on this task for you and provide you with a bespoke plan tailored exactly to your needs.