Fire Safety Awareness Training

As part of your Fire Action plan, all responsible businesses should provide adequate training for their staff and all the training should be recorded.

There will be a section in your Fire Risk Assessment with respect to training.


a. Fire safety Awareness Training.

All your staff should have fire safety awareness training as part of their induction and regular refreshers to prevent skills fade. Fire Safety Awareness training gives people a different outlook and makes them more risk aware in the workplace.

B. Fire Warden/Marshal Training.

Several staff on site should be identified and trained as Fire wardens or Fire marshals so that in the event of a fire, your fire action plan runs smoothly, ensuring all your staff are kept safe and accounted for.

C. Fire Extinguisher Training.

Fire Extinguishers are an important piece of equipment, so it makes sense that your staff have been shown how to use them effectively. Not only do Fire Extinguishers save lives, but a small fire could easily get out of hand if your staff don’t feel confident in the use of portable handheld firefighting equipment. A Fire extinguisher training course will provide attendees with essential fire safety knowledge and give them practical experience in handling a Fire Extinguisher.